Article Review on Political Economy of Inter-American RelationsOrder Description•Summary of article/chapter should be provided but the reading reviews should focus on: ?Critique (relate the chosen reading to other readings or other possible arguments, compare and contrast, discuss weakness and strengths)?Analysis (engage with the substance of the argument; explain and describe)…continue reading →

The world Economy – The third great wave.

The world Economy –  The third great wave.The first two industrial revolutions were painful but beneficial to all, the digital revolution may be more divisive.The third great wave of invention, the computer technology and ICT are expected to transform the world in more ways than the earlier revolutions. ICT is…continue reading →

Healthcare proposal Plan

Healthcare proposal PlanOrder DescriptionPaper is a research project for HCA Healthcare Administrative course in which the student has to present a proposal plan in order to develop a new healthcare facility organization. An example can be focus on my sate and city ( San Antonio,Texas) and the start on development…continue reading →

HP desire UPS as a partner

HP desire UPS as a partnerYou need to prepare three detailed case analyses (for cases identified in red font on the schedule of classes at the end of this document) following the questions that are posted on Blackboard. Also, for every other case [4 cases] you must submit a one-page…continue reading →

Business Report

Business ReportOrder DescriptionA business report template of 2,500 +/- 10/20% in approximate word count. Diagrams, illustrations and tables are NOT word counted.However the ONLY appendices will be the Financial tables imported/cut & pasted legibly from excel into this document. Harvard in-text referencing is required appropriately throughout this report.A report which…continue reading →

Project – STAT 3001

Project – STAT 3001please provide short answers.Part I.  Analyze DataInstructions    Answers Open the fileCARS using menu option Datasets and then Elementary Stats, 9th Edition.  This file contains some information about different cars.How many observations are there in this file?Analyze the data in this file and complete the following table, indicating…continue reading →

The experience of discrimination

The experience of discriminationOrder DescriptionImagine you are in heaven, and the angel in front of you says: “You are going to be born to the world. In America. But guess what? We give you choices. There are some groups in America that are in disadvantaged positions… for example, Blacks. So…continue reading →

Design a Transfer of Learning Training Tool

Design a Transfer of Learning Training ToolOrder DescriptionCreate a training tool that you could use to train other educators about the concept of Transfer of Learning. Be sure to include the following information:• A definition of transfer of learning• At least 3 strategies for effective transfer of learning• Some ways…continue reading →