Debate Over Delaying of Miranda Warning

Write an essay in which you argue for whether you think Dzhokhar Tsarnev should have
received his Miranda Warnings earlier, or whether you think he did receive them at the
appropriate time. See the Charlie Savage article assigned for 10/15 for a preliminary discussion.
Be sure to draw on evidence and theory from the readings from the last few weeks to argue your
case. For instance, think about different models and priorities of policing, different kinds of bias
that might have been at play, or different contexts of the manner in which Tsarnaev was arrested.
1. Your paper should meet the following specifications:
a. Properly formatted and cited (20 points)
i. Be 1-2 pages in length, no longer.
ii. Use 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and double-space your text
iii. Include your name and a page number on every page and staple the document
iv. Scholarly integrity requires that that work be attributed to the author, regardless of
whether you are directly quoting, paraphrasing, or relying on the work less directly.
If you are unclear about how to cite a source appropriately then please ask.
a. Use APA Style; see this website for directions:
b. Cite exact page numbers from which quotations or ideas are drawn.
b. Well-written (15 points)
i. Review for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and typos.
ii. Avoid confusing pronouns (e.g., vague use of “it” without clearly explaining what
“it” is).
iii. Avoid confusing or sloppy writing, like run-on sentences, or imprecise language.
iv. Try reading your paper outloud to yourself to see how it sounds.
c. Well-organized, with a clear introductory paragraph (25 points)
i. Imagine that your smart reader has not read this prompt and wants to know right
away (a) who and what you are writing about and (b) what argument you are making
(10/20 points).
ii. Have a clear thesis statement that introduces the main argument of the paper (10/20
iii. Introduce the organization of the paper; let your reader know what is coming (5/20
d. Use evidence to support your argument (40 points)
i. Refer directly to the assigned texts (not to lecture) to support your arguments.
ii. Present two pieces of evidence or analysis in support of your of your argument
(perhaps one piece of data that surprised you and one that was missing). Explain
each piece of evidence; relate it back to your thesis statement. (20/40 points each).
2. Submit your paper through (details on subsequent page) and include your
digital receipt number on the document you submit, at the beginning of class, to your
assigned TA on Tuesday, November 3rd.

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