film censorship and military war films as propaganda.
Utilizing only the material from the Class Reader, Part 3, the 10/22/15 class lecture, and the film, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, discuss the historical and contemporary forms of film censorship and military war films as propaganda. Synthesize and connect the information from all three aforementioned sources when answering the prompt. In addition, in the context of film censorship, discuss the historical and contemporary connections (interlocking relations) that supports an institutionalized form of censorship (e.g. some of the assigned readings, the lecture on film censorship, and the film all connect thematically and reflect how static film censorship still is today).

Papers, at minimum, should include the history of film censorship (e.g. morality standards, theology, MPAA CARA, etc..) and war films as propaganda. Be specific, detailed, and provide a lot of examples, and do not summarize the film.

**excluding work cited page**

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