film culture

This assessment is designed to support you towards writing your portfolio. It requires you to independently identify and review relevant literature for one of the topics covered on the module. This should be followed by a filmography – a list of films that can be placed within the context of your chosen topic.
Guidance for the Annotated Bibliography/Filmography
An annotated bibliography gives an account of the research that has been done on your chosen topic. An annotated bibliography is more than an alphabetical list of research sources – it provides a concise summary of each source and some assessment of its value or relevance.
• Your annotated bibliography should include a selection of at least 5 academic sources (i.e., book, journal article, or a book chapter).
• Use the correct bibliographic format. For example:
o Doll,SusanandGregFaller(1986)‘BladeRunnerandGenre:FilmNoirandScienceFiction’
Literature Film Quarterly 14.2 (1986): 89-100.
• You are required to provide an annotation – a full paragraph of discussion of at least 200 words – for
each source.
• Each annotation (see example below) must briefly restate the main argument of a source (i.e., describe
and summarize the argument) and offer a critical evaluation of the source (e.g., what are its strengths,
what are its weaknesses).
• Title your annotated bibliography ‘Annotated Bibliography on [TOPIC]’
• Your annotated bibliography should be followed by a filmography – a list of at least five films that can
be placed within the context of your chosen topic. You are only required to list the films – you don’t
need to discuss them. You may include films cited in the annotated bibliography.
• Please use the following format for the filmography:
Example of an Annotation
Doll, Susan and Greg Faller (1986) ‘Blade Runner and Genre: Film Noir and Science Fiction’ Literature Film Quarterly 14.2 (1986): 89-100.
Doll and Faller assert that Ridley Scott’s film, Blade Runner, exhibits elements of two distinct pulp genres, film noir and science fiction. The genre cross-pollination is a reflection of Philip K. Dick’s novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, upon which the movie is based. After a useful discussion of genre, the authors go on to effectively discuss defining characteristics of both noir and sci-fi, despite the difficulties of such a project. Through the course of accessible discussion and useful examples from the film, the complexities involved in the combination of genres are revealed. In addition, the article also examines the ways that noir and sci-fi in fact complement each other, noir providing a distinct style and sci-fi a distinct narrative direction. Both genres are also concerned with many of the same issues, especially social constructs, ethics, and the state of being human.

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