Global Political Economy

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The first few sections of Alfred Marshall’s Principles of Economics ( any edition) should be read. This book is in the public domain and the text is widely available on line. An essay of 1500 words should be written in which I analyze the text as a primary source, consider why it is relevant, and explain how the source is useful to historians as a piece of evidence and how it contributes to our understanding of history. I should place the source into its broader context using secondary materials, such as the textbook, or other scholarly sources. In other words how does this source help us understand the historical context in which it was produced, and how does understanding the context help us understand the source? I am going to write about Marshall’s textbook as a piece of historical evidence. I am NOT going to summarize the context of the text, rather I am going to write about what the text has to tell us about the historical context in which it was produced. How does this source help us understand the historical moment when it was produced, and how does understanding the historical moment help us understand the text? If I use other sources, It is recommended that I do NOT research Alfred Marshall’s principles of Economics. Instead, I should do research that helps me understand the period in which Marshall’s text was produced. All references must be in Chicago Notes and references style.

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