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Leadership Paper
Write a pager incorporating the following three sections. Format your paper APA style. Cite at least
three references.
I. Describe (without identifying) a leader for whom you have worked that you consider an
authentic leader. What characteristics made them an authentic leader? How did this leader
influence your own growth and development as a professional?
II. How are you like this leader? What are the characteristics of an authentic leader that you
already possess? What characteristics do you want to develop?
III. Describe where you want to be in 5 year. Which characteristics of an authentic leader will be
essential for you to be successful in this position?
Paper Rubric
Content Possible
Description of Leader
-influences on profession growth
Leadership Analysis
-present characteristics
-desired characteristics
Future as Leader
-5-year goal
-essential characteristics
-evidentiary support for elements
-appropriate use of citations
-appropriate use of APA format
-appropriate grammar,
punctuation, etc.
Total Points 40

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