Music in Events

Attend an event in which music plays a large ceremonial, spiritual or religious role.
Describe the event.
What was the purpose of the gathering?
Who was there?
What happened?
What was the atmosphere like?
What type of music was used?
Describe the music in as much detail as you can.
Was it performed live or recorded?
Was it performed by professionals for the attendees to listen to, or did attendees participate in the music-making in any way?
What would this event have been like without music?
Did you have any particular emotional response to the music?
If so, describe what you felt.
Try to describe why you think you felt that way.
Why do you this this particular type of music was chosen for this event?
Can you imagine a different type of music at this event?
How might the atmosphere changed with different music?
What about if there had been no music?

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